Meet Our Team

Shannon & Josephine: Founders/Owners


Two friends that just wanted a happy place to work and bring their dogs. In 2004 we left our corporate jobs at Saks Fifth Avenue and created Fleur De Lys. It’s been a magical journey and we’ve made so many friends along the way. This community has really shown up for us. In the early days our sweet customers supported us with their frequent visits and the always appreciated caffeine boosts. Over the years you have sustained us with your love & loyalty. We’ve watched your children and grandchildren go from the first day of Kindergarten to College graduation. We’ve laughed and cried with you, shared life’s joys and sorrows, and celebrated so many of life’s special moments together. This store started with a mission to create a happy place and you all have helped us accomplish that as you have filled these walls with your laughter and your love. We look forward to many more years of happy memories with you.  Shannon is still on site most days working in the back office and always looks forward to reconnecting with you. Josephine retired in 2018 and now lives in Maui but Shannon & Josephine are still business partners and best friends and are continually working together to make Fleur De Lys a local favorite.

Anna Marie Lopez: General Manager


Anna Marie has worked with us at Fleur De Lys over the years both on the sales floor and behind the scenes helping to coordinate special events and promotions. She joined us officially as our Store Manager in 2020, bringing with her an extensive retail background, an amazing creative mind, and an open, loving heart. Anna Marie is a proud member of a family dedicated to fire service and she served the community of Carmel as a firefighter for over 7 years.

As Store Manager of Fleur De Lys, Anna Marie leads and supports our team of sales professionals as they continually provide you with the extraordinary service you have come to expect from us. She is a natural leader who understands that the bottom line is ultimately about creating an environment where everyone is welcome. She is the perfect ambassador of our organization’s mission to be of service, spread kindness, and make a positive impact.  

Mauricio Brias: Buyer + Visual Director
Mo joined us at Fleur De Lys in 2012 and since then has done just about everything. He is an integral part of every aspect of the business and his continued dedication and commitment to growing the brand is truly extraordinary. Many of you may know Mo from the sales floor but he is also our principal Buyer and Merchandiser. His talents are limitless and you’ve seen proof of that if you’ve ever set foot in the store.
In addition to accompanying us on buying trips, Mo is continually sourcing new products, lines, and manufacturers to curate a truly one of a kind assortment.
Mo is now more involved with leading and developing the business from behind the scenes and is partnering more closely with the Owners (Josephine & Shannon) to build the brand in exciting new ways. So while you may not see his handsome face on the sales floor as often, rest assured, he is here making sure that your experience at Fleur De Lys is better than ever.   



Charlene Bennet: Sales Associate

Meet Charlene, a native of Upstate New York who has lived in Long Beach for the past 36 years with her husband Greg. She is a new team member at Fleur De Lys, but not new to the retail industry. Her background has been extensive in retail sales, hospitality and the travel industry. She loves meeting new people and that shows in her outgoing and   welcoming personality and great smile. Charlene's hobbies are crafting, designing jewelry, dancing, music, thrifting, antiquing and hanging with family and friends. She has two grown children, Garrett and Lauren, two granddogs and the family pet Molly.    

Tex Ritter: Dad, Handy Man, Receiving Assistant


Some of you may have seen this guy around the store, that is when he slows down long enough to get a look. This is Shannon’s dad. He retired in 2010 and soon realized he wasn’t cut out for a retiring lifestyle. He’s been coming here ever since to boss us around, I mean, to help out.  He unpacks and tickets our shipments, cleans up after us and keeps us all in line. He entertains us daily with his “Tex-isms” and keeps us grounded with his philosophical reminders like, “sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”

 Buddy: Shop Dog

Anna Marie will often be accompanied to work by her true love and first assistant, Buddy, the shop dog extraordinaire. He can often be spotted behind the register curled up asleep in his bed or poking his nose through the front counter to get a sniff of the visitors.