Fleur De Lys

Modern Mercantile

Long ago, the mercantile was the heart of every town. It was the place you'd find everything you need and stay connected with friends and neighbors. We think you'll have the same feeling here.

Our Purpose

We strive to make a positive impact by being of service, spreading kindness, and offering quality products that uplift and enlighten your everyday experience.

At Fleur De Lys we believe...
~Shopping should be an experience.
~Gifts should come from the heart.
~Design should follow whim, not rules.
~Customers should be treated like family.
~Dogs should never wait in the car.
~It's not just the thought that counts, there should be gifts too.
~Sharing dessert is over rated.
~Life is a special occasion, always use the good stuff.

Our Team

Shannon and Josephine
Shannon & Josephine: Founders/Owners

Two friends who just wanted a happy place to work where they could bring their dogs. In 2004 they left their corporate jobs at Saks Fifth Avenue and created Fleur De Lys. It’s been a magical journey ever since.

Shannon & Josephine are still very much involved in every aspect of the business and are both on site frequently. They are committed to providing an uplifting environment and an exceptional shopping experience, offering a personally curated assortment of the highest quality and integrity.

Mauricio (Mo): Creative Director

Mo started at Fleur De Lys in 2012 and since then has done just about everything. As Creative Director, Mo is continually working with Shannon & Josephine to source new products and curate a one of a kind assortment.

His creative talents are limitless and and his continued dedication to growing the brand is truly extraordinary.

Mo loves to travel and explore the globe. He approaches every day like he's on vacation and finds inspiration everywhere he looks.

Kathryn Ronnow: Store Manager

Kathryn started at Fleur De Lys in 2020, and in just 3 years, became the Store Manager. As the Store Manager, Kathryn leads our team to victory every single day! Her enthusiasm, kind heart, and extensive retail background as a boutique owner, make her a natural leader.

Kathryn is also the jewelry specialist and curates our amazing collection of both Fine & Fashion jewelry. Kathryn is the proud mom of three beautiful children and enjoys country music, family time, and a good bottle of wine!

Charlene Bennet: Sales Associate
Charlene: Sales Specialist

Meet Charlene, a native of Upstate New York who has lived in California for the past 36 years. She has an extensive background in retail sales, hospitality, and the travel industry.

She loves meeting new people and that shows in her outgoing and welcoming personality and great smile. Charlene's hobbies are:
• crafting
• designing jewelry
• dancing
• music
• thrifting/antiquing
• hanging with family & friends. 

She has two grown children, Garrett and Lauren, two granddogs, and the family dog Molly.  

Willie: Sales Specialist

Willie, short for Wilhelmina, has been delighting customers and "guests" for over 45 years, including 17 years at Disneyland, spending part of her career as a Disney Ambassador. It's no surprise that she loves to meet people and offers exceptional care to everyone.

But what may be surprising is that she speaks three languages (English, Dutch, and Frisian). Willie's parents are from Friesland, a province in the Netherlands, and she has many great stories of her heritage. Willie loves to knit, travel, and read. Her favorite book is "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier.

Willie has two grown sons, Alex and Christopher, and the best daughter-in-law Bette.

Jamie: Sales Specialist


Jamie has been a style influencer for decades! Her and her husband owned and operated their own hair salon and boutique for more years then they look old enough to have been alive! Jamie is always ready to help you put a new look together.

Whether you're adorning your home or yourself, or shopping for a gift, Jamie will make sure you look your best. Jamie has one daughter and a grandson who are her pride and joy. Any chance they get, she & her husband are heading out of town for some real life face time with their precious boy.

Anne Marie: Sales Specialist


Jeff: Operations Assistant


Jeff is more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. He has an artistic eye and a talent for capturing a unique perspective. He's also great behind the scenes! Jeff is responsible for keeping things running smoothly at Fleur De Lys. He oversees all aspects of the receiving side of the operation as well as maintaining inventory data, administrative details, and pretty much anything else to keep us in order.

But don't be fooled, he has been known to make regular appearances on the sales floor and is quick to help in any way he can.

Stay tuned for new additions...

So join us at Fleur De Lys Modern Mercantile

and we'll take you back to a simpler time, when visiting your corner store felt like coming home.