Ultimate Spa Kit

Ultimate Spa Kit
  • Ultimate Spa Kit
  • Ultimate Spa Kit
  • $88.00

This is the ULTIMATE SPA KIT !

Our Rose Renewal Face Oil with organic ingredients and our Rose Quartz ULTRASONIC Roller.

Both invoke a feeling of calm wellness and self-care. 

Benefits of Rose Oil + Rose Quartz ULTRASONIC Face Roller:

*Rose Renewal Oil contains the ultimate hydration for dry skin- made with 5 Organic  Oils + 3 Essential Oils- Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernal, Vitamin E, Jojoba oils and Rose, Ylang-Ylang- & Geranium Essential oils.  

* The Ylang-Ylang and Rose Oils have a calming effect on the brain and nervous system.


*Boosts Circulation and oxygenates the skin faster than the manual roller.

*It especially helps in lymphatic drainage and de-puffing. 

*Brightens Complexion

*Reduces Wrinkles and Undereye bags 

*Promotes a more intense product penetration 

* Speeds Collagen production

* Adds extra firming benefits faster


 Add three to four drops of Rose Renewal Oil to the palm of your hand, press into clean dry skin.

Take Roller, twist at bottom to turn on and roll gently in an upward motion on face, neck and under eyes. (Batteries ARE included)

The roller can be refrigerated for added coolness and to help intensify de-puffing and lymphatic drainage. 

May be used nightly or weekly. 

Glow on Girl!  

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