Splatter Dish

Splatter Dish
  • $24.00

CuriosNew for 2020!
Made in USA.

We’ve partnered with ceramic artist Tiffany Thomas for the second year to bring you the one of a kind Ceramic Splendor Series. Each dish is handmade in South Carolina and features a hand-painted splatter designs and 22k gold accents. For this collection, Tiffany drew inspiration from wab-sabi design principles, embracing the beauty of imperfection. Personal touches make each piece beautifully different and truly one of a kind. Each unit includes 4 dishes and 10 artist information cards.

Meet Tiffany Thomas:

Tiffany Thomas is a ceramic artist, painter, and dreamer based in Lake City, South Carolina. She specializes in hand-carved gemstone mugs, table pieces, and vases. Her inspiration comes from the magnitude and wonder of nature and the power it brings to art. Tiffany believes that art is a universal language that touches and connects people, transcending class, race, background, and beliefs. Follow her on Instagram @TTHOMASARTS to her stunning work.

– 4 ceramic dishes
– 10 artist information cards

Size: 3.5″

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