Kyocera Knife Sheath Set

Kyocera Knife Sheath Set
  • $13.00

Knife Sheath Set of Three

The Kyocera knife sheath is the perfect way to store your knives.

For camping, travel, or anytime you are on the go.

Whether your knives are stored in a drawer or knife bag, the sheath will keep them safe and sharp.

Kyocera knife sheaths also come in a variety of sizes to make this the ultimate edge guard for anyone who doesn't want to be without their favorite cutlery. Set of three includes 4”, 5”, & 6” sheath:

3.7" x 0.90" sheath: fits blades up to 4" long

5.5" x 1.18" sheath: fits blades up to 5" long

6.7" x 1.96" sheath: fits blades up to 6" long

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