Hand Cream (More Options)

Hand Cream (More Options)
  • Hand Cream (More Options)
  • Hand Cream (More Options)
  • Hand Cream (More Options)
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Inspired by summers spent on Elizabeth's ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Purely Essential Collection is nature at its very best. The herbal fragrances of lavender, rosemary and cucumber bring an extra element of earthiness with their infusion of California Poppy, the state flower for California. Packed with healing properties, the California Poppy is known for its ability to soothe and relax.

All three fragrances are made with 100% essential oils, with no animal products or byproducts. The shea butter creams and lotions are paraben free, the candles 100% soy wax, the salts sourced locally. The recylcled craft packaging is made in house on restored Heidelberg letterpresses.

  • Cucumber: Refreshing, crisp, light, fruity. Pure essence of cucumber creates a scent that is cool, clean, softly sweet and easy to wear.
  • Lavender: Herbal, meditative, soothing.  Dominant notes of lavender are blended with other herbaceous and woody tones in this distinctly harmonious scent.
  • Rosemary: An aromatic bouquet of wild rosemary with hints of pine and mint. A clean, crisp scent that is easy to wear.

Hand Cream: Made with 7% shea butter, this hand cream is intensely hydrating.

Hand & Body Lotion: Fortified with with vitamin E and shea butter,this milky lotion rapidly melts into the skin to provide lasting hydration. Paraben and phthalate free.

Shower Gel: Refreshing showers and bubbling baths in a gel that cleanses gently, leaving skin pampered and smelling great.

Soothing Salve: An all-natural shea butter skin salve with California Poppy Extract to help comfort dry skin, soothe sunburn or itching, and protect against moisture loss. Apply to cuticles, elbows, and heels. Also use to rub gently on the temples and pulse points to encourage rest and relaxation.

Shower Pouch: Use in a steaming shower or relaxing bath to massage away excess skin cells and stimulate circulation. The cotton pouch contains locally-sourced, natural sea salts blended with Cucumber and California Poppy extracts. As the salts dissolve, they soften the water and nourish the skin. Both the aromatic pouch and its letterpress box are crafted in small batches in studio by the San Francisco Bay.

Fizzy Bath Cubes: All natural fizz from elizabethW. Drop a few nourishing cubes into your bath. As the water softens, relax and enjoy. Essential oils blend with California Poppy extract to soothe muscle tension and promote healthy skin. Jar contains 20 cubes.

Lip Balm: An all-natural shea butter lip balm to help comfort dry lips and protect against moisture loss. The long lasting balm is smooth on the lips and tastes great.

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