Eau De Toilette Rose Olivier

Eau De Toilette Rose Olivier
  • $32.00
A green yet floral fragrance—a delight and surprise. In the south of France, a rose bush grows intertwined with the olive tree, symbiotic and inextricably married in their branches, roots, aromas, and souls. The result is a nuanced rose unlike any other—this petally scent takes on woody notes from its olive lover.
  • Head: Bergamot, juicy tangerine, lychee
  • Heart: Centifolia rose from Grasse, pink peony, violet, olive leaf
  • Dry: Crisp amber, musk, white cedar-wood, cashmere woods
The soul of the rose, subjugated and attracted without abandonment, seduced by the powerful charm of the heart of that olive tree. Made in Grasse, France.

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