• We Are Open

    Business Update: 5/25/20
    The wait is over
    When we’ve employed science and logic to their greatest potential and we’ve exercised caution in generous supply, we still find ourselves balancing precariously on the cusp of what’s next; with all that we've learned behind us and all that is yet unknown lying ahead. And now, as always, it’s the leap of faith that moves us forward.
    The questions may drive us to the edge, but the answers always lay on the other side. There comes a point in every journey where you just have to jump.
      A peace of mind can be found in the face of adversity and challenge. It can be obtained by faith in change and by faith that we will do the right thing more often than not, and by the knowing that we are capable of great things; of dreams and ideas that are ultimately stronger and more enduring than we are.
    And so, on this new day, with faith in our dreams and our ability to realize them, we at Fleur De Lys are stepping forward – understanding that we are only ever limited by our unwillingness to make the leap.
    Thank you for your continued love & support. We look forward to seeing you soon.