• A Note From The Owner: Fear does not stop death. It stops life.

    Fear is seductive. It hits our most vulnerable nerve and plays on that weakness until it has us worrying about things that haven’t happened yet and making decisions based on conjecture and speculation. In light of everything that’s going on in the world and in our community right now I want to take a moment to remind us all to take a deep breath (ok, maybe not too close to anyone) and just be still for a moment.

    When we get caught up in the alluring momentum of fear, we lose our ability to tap into our intuition. When we disconnect from the barrage of media messages and instead connect with our gut, really connect - get centered and grounded, we feel that sense of powerful well-being that is always there for us, we hear that still small voice that whispers, “it’s all okay.”

    I get it, I’m not saying run out and lick your neighbors with reckless abandon. Clearly, there are always measures we can take in life to enhance our safety; we wear seatbelts – but we still drive. Our bodies are magnificent organisms with an astounding capacity to keep our hearts beating, our blood pumping, and our lungs filling with air, all without any conscious direction on our part. It is a scientific fact that our thoughts are powerful, just think of the placebo effect. Be mindful of your thoughts. Be aware of when you are getting caught up in groupthink versus tapping into your own inner wisdom. You are magic. Faith is stronger than fear.

    Here at Fleur De Lys, your ultimate sense of well-being is our highest priority. We take your safety seriously and we are committed to focusing our energy on positive, solution oriented strategies to help us all thrive. So over the next few weeks you will see us focusing on ways to make the best of this craziness, to find the silver lining, to keep you smiling, and to most importantly, STAY POSITIVE. It’s probably also worth noting that we have a slightly irreverent sense of humor, which we find can be wildly unpopular at times like this, but we hope that’s why you love us and why you’re still reading.  

    So watch for our posts and emails and stop by the store for some good vibes, positive energy and a dollop of hand sanitizer. We’re here for you.

    Be well friends,